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Lighting is a strong component that takes any experience to the next level. It can transform a space and create the desired guest experience.

What We Offer: 

  • Bistro / String Lighting

  • Twinkle / Fairty Lighting 

  • Uplighting 

  • Custom Logo Monograms 

  • Gobo Projection 

  • Pin Spotting 

  • Environment Ambiance Lighting

  • Power Distribution 

  • Decor Lighting


Draping can be used to create and establish different dynamics to your event. Whether it is covering a surface, creating a grand  entrance, or enhancing your ceiling- the use of fabric draping is endless. 

What We Offer; 

  • Perimeter Ballroom Drape

  • Ceiling Drape

  • Architectural Drape

  • Outdoor Drape 

  • Arch Draping 

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