LexiLou is a husband and wife duo that are dedicated to creating masterpiece events. What started as individual hobbies grew into a deep passion.

Lexi also knows as Alexia, is a huge lover of romantic walks on the beach and hiccup's pink flamingo tea with extra boba (please). She believes that being a wife and mother is such a privilege , it is never easy, but is definitely worth the adventure.  Her journey into the planning and event design world , started as she was working for a huge corporation as the executive assistant.  She was in charge of the holiday parties, conventions and conferences within the organization.  Lexi coordinated events with guest lists as small as 15 attendees to over 2,000 attendees.  Her organization skills and professionalism made the process of planning a corporate event smooth and enjoyable to both the guests and the host. She began to get hired outside of her job for other corporations such as non-profits , charitable and community organizations.  Her journey into the social event world happened shortly after she said "I do"!  She was in LOVE, literally! Not just to her one and only but to the thought of making people's dreams come true. Whether that dream consists of a large wedding at a Beverly Hills estate or 30th birthday celebration of another year of life - she has a passion to make sure that dream becomes a reality.

Louis also known as Lou, is a huge Star wars fan! So much so, that within there wedding they had details of star wars implemented. He has many years of experience working with lighting, graphics, video editing and more. He worked as a media technician for a non-profit organization for many years. Prior to that position,  he was a video editor and graphic designer. Through out his journey, he could not help but to grow deeply passionate about the art and style of lighting. Whether it was projection, uplighting, wall wash, or visuals - he enjoyed it all.  He has done lighting for music videos, convention, TV interviews, TV Shows and much more. Not only is he passionate about lighting but also for stage design. Louis has built and created different stage set ups for different events. He enjoys bringing the client's vision to life. Whether that process takes him 2 hours or 10 hours - he is dedicated to making the dream become a reality.

Can you believe they met each other doing what they love to do?  Seriously! Alexia was one of the video editors and writers on the media team while Louis was the media technician apart of the core team. It was love at first sight! They dated , they got engaged and the rest is history. 

LexiLou believes that PASSION is the ingredient to excellence. When your passionate, you're powerful! You can create something that no one has ever seen. It is the details, the flow and the vision they believe that lasts forever. They want to make more than impression but a lasting memory that your guests will talk about forever. Let's create a masterpiece event together! 

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10