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We are LexiLou. We create experiences!  

Louie and Alexia, enjoy producing memorable events for there clients. When they are not busy, they love to spend every minute with each other along with there son and daughter. Life is full of precious moments, that should be cherished and shared with loved ones.
We are Louie and Alexia and we are the proud owners of LexiLou Special Events. Since launching in 2017, our priority has been to make the planning and designing aspect of any event a more memorable and enjoyable process. Yes, there are many details that take place in planning a seamless event, but the most important detail is you! 

Of course, we love how the lighting transforms the room and how pretty the centerp
ieces flow with the table linen. But more than that, we love seeing the smile on our clients face as they enjoy their celebration and the day after texts of appreciation of a well-planned event. We are not just your planners or designers, we are your super crew. Whether that means we are the shoulder you lean on, the ear you vent to or the person that offers a warm hug; we are here to understand you and help you with the next steps. 

We believe that honesty, integrity and good morals make the best ingredients for a great team. Give us a try and find out for yourself! Working with LexiLou Special Events is not just a company you hire but a team that become friends.
Louie & Alexia

 Speaking of team, we are nothing without our amazing team members. Check back in for more information on our incredible members that share the same love and compassion we do.
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